Shopping The F’list: A List of Beloved Handmade Holiday Recommendations

Nicole Kornher-Stace (AKA: “One of the Most Amazing Writers in our Generation”), author of the acclaimed Archivist Wasp, its even more acclaimed sequel Latchkey, Desideria, and The Winter Triptych had the most MARVELOUS idea on Twitter/Facebook the other day.

She, like many of our clever, renaissance-minded friends, makes and sells beautiful things to augment her living. With the holidays coming up, she figured, we could all compile among us who makes things, where you can find them, and provide links, in a sort of cozy virtual bazaar, where the merchants are all friends.


1. Betsie Withey‘s WEARABLE TEXTILE/FIBER ART at TheFaerieMarket on Etsy.

(A while ago, I did a threepart blog called “Art for Art” about Betsie, with some of her friends and clients contributing pictures of themselves wearing her art, occasionally accompanied by stories and poems!)




2. Nicole Kornher-Stace‘s VEGAN CARAMEL SHOP at feedyourface on Etsy.

I’ve ordered from her when friends are feeling especially down and need something delicious FAST. I’ve ordered from her for myself, just because I was feeling the CRAVING. I will order from her again and again. But don’t trust just me. Just on Facebook today, a friend ours said:

“I can vouch for these omg!” – Kelsi Morris


3. Meenoo Mishra‘s JEWELRY SHOP at  MinouBazaar on Etsy.

I got a pair of Meenoo earrings for my birthday last year–glorious! I love wearing them! And, most dear to my heart, my husband (then fiancé) and I commissioned her to make me my engagement necklace with a Herkimer diamond his sister sent us. She was a great communicator, fast, elegant, and skillful. I wear that necklace more than any other piece of jewelry.

Below you can see the earrings and necklace separately (with some Betsie flowers on both occasions!)




4. Alanya Belethil‘s ART AND JEWELRY SHOP at Belethil on Etsy.

I found Alanya around 2012, I think. I was (blush) probably “ego-surfing” for  my name, and found the title of my poem “The Sea King’s Second Bride” linked to a beautiful piece of jewelry: wire-wrapped gold, seed pearls, and alluvial larimar, she said, in the description, was inspired by my poem. I contacted her and thanked her profusely. But, being a poet, I said, I could not afford to buy it! She sent it as a gift. It is precious to me. Her work is so intricate and elfish, as if a true artisan of Lothlórien were working among us.

Below you can see a picture of the necklace, “The Sea King’s Second Bride.”



1. Kelsi Morris does Yarn Subscription Box (monthly, quarterly, or as a three month gift/trial), as well as learn-to-knit kits that have everything you need to complete the project you choose. PLUS: free shipping in the US and Canada! Find out more at KNIT ME!

2. Stephanie Marie Thrasher at ToYouFromMePinkyLee on Etsy sells “pins, stickers, prints, and other fun nostalgic flair.”

3. Jenn Reese sells T-shirts, stickers, et cetera, at Tiny Tiger Jenn Reese Designs on TeePublic.

4. Lisa Mscichowski at HyfisHouseofCharms sells CHARMS!

5. Daisy May Essentials is a shop that sells goat milk products, such as soaps and lotions. I was informed that they raise their own goats for the goat milk used in their ingredients, and comes recommended particularly for its lotions.

6. Jeanne Kramer-Smyth sells some of her jewelry designs on her friend’s Etsy shop, Capital City Kayak. To know which jewelry designs are hers, check out her “Jewelry by Jeanne” Pinterest page.

Recommendations from Amal El-Mohtar‘s Twitter Feed–many from whom I’ve bought before!



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18 responses to “Shopping The F’list: A List of Beloved Handmade Holiday Recommendations

  1. Eric Henn

    Video game and board game news, reviews, and more, with a focus on positivity and inclusiveness:

    • csecooney

      Oh, yes! I have a necklace by her called “Lady of the Storms.” It’s adjustable–I can wear it three different ways–beautiful, and DRIPPING with labradorite! In fact, I AM WEARING IT NOW!

  2. And Nonasuch, who has vintage and handmades on Etsy, including these glorious book pendants:

    • csecooney

      Oh, yes! Thank you! When I went through and added things from Amal’s initial tweet, I saw those pendants and added them to the update! You know ALL THE BEST SHOPS!

      . . . Did your PACKAGE arrive YET, Fran???

  3. Fantastic bath & body – Paintbox Soapworks –
    Perfume & witchy supplies – Nui Cobalt Designs –
    Lovely giftable perfume – Astrid Perfume –
    Pretty Indian-inspired jewelry – Minou Bazaar –

  4. Paintbox Soapworks – lovely bath & body –
    Minou Bazaar – Indian-inspired jewelry –

    I have a list of handmade companies a miiiiiile long that I’ve worked with and love to pieces, including Deconstructing Eden (perfume, bath & body), Astrid Perfume (perfume), Sixteen92 (perfume, bath & body), Nui Cobalt Designs (perfume, candles, witchery supplies), Immortal Mountain (yummy handmade chocolate), Luvmilk (bath & body), Whimsy & Spice (Earl Grey hot chocolate!!! and yummy shortbread cookies) and so so so many more.

  5. So many wonderful ideas!! I will definitely be doing holiday shopping from these fantastical vendors (and I can personally vouch for Meenoo’s MinouBazaar and Christina’s Sihaya & Company – they are both fabulous!) I’ll add that several courses are available through the Carterhaugh School, so if anyone wants to learn about fairy tales, legends, or All Hallow’s Eve folklore from some legit fairy Drs., ’tis the season 🙂

  6. Ann Chatham

    Jewelry and other celtic/viking inspired wearable metalwork from the Crafty Celt:

    Amber at Dancing Pig Pots makes good ceramics, some with geeky & feminist sayings:

    Nature’s Creations has microplated leaf jewelry (so, everything is from a real leaf, etc) and they’re more fun to drool over at a craft fair where you can pick your individual leaf, but they’re also online:

    And in people I don’t know personally, but whose work I love:

    Shing Yin Kohr has weird little art and sometimes jewelry & other oddments:

    Isms makes the most glorious art & jewelry from shed butterfly wings:

    Hibernacula has amazing & feral jewelry for wild things out of the wild wood:

  7. I wanted to come up with shirts and buttons and knacks for the quirky among us (ok, that’s all of us), and for the defiant among us too (ok again). I came up with the designs, Zazzle produces them!

    • csecooney

      I have had people stop and laugh at the “Saving the Universe One Last Damn Time” pin you gave us. And the “Despite Everything, Create” pin is up on the religion/myth shelf, next to the secular saint candles for Tesla and Sagan and Carlos’s Elegua effigy.

  8. I made a page on my website with all my necklaces that are for sale on Etsy (this is instead of the pinterest board I gave you that you liked to up above):

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