Christina Rossetti’s Goblin Market: A Dramatic Reading

When my book Desdemona and the Deep came out in July from, Carlos and I conceived of the idea of doing an “Influences” video. Namely, a dramatic reading of Christina Rossetti’s poem “Goblin Market.”

I got in contact with Omar Rayyan, the renowned artist, whose art I’ve loved for years (it’s all over our walls), and who recently illustrated a gorgeous edition of Goblin Market: also found here (Indiebound) and here (Amazon).

With the artist’s permission, I’ve used his illustrations in my narration.

It took a LOT LONGER to edit (being a total n00b in these matters) than I’d anticipated–even with Carlos’s help. Carlos has so much on his plate–the darling–but he found time to help me even with his second novel for Disney Hyperion due. HE COMPOSED THE SCORE FOR ME TOO!

I want to thank Kiri (AKA photographer Marie O’Mahony), who first read Christina Rossetti to me, possibly on the floor of my mother’s bathroom, when we were kids; somehow we often ended up in there, reading Shakespeare or long-form poetry. I think because both doors locked and we could escape my brothers?

I also want to thank writers, poets, friends, and goddesses Amal El-MohtarJessica Wick, and Caitlyn Paxson for running Goblin Fruit Magazine for so many years; I mention the magazine in the intro and outro both, for love.

Much love,

C. S. E. Cooney


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3 responses to “Christina Rossetti’s Goblin Market: A Dramatic Reading

  1. This was just fabulous Claire! I was going to just take a short listen–just a taste!–and I listened spellbound to the whole thing! I loved, when the camera cut to the pictures, how you had draped jewels and treasures of your own on the pages–a wonderful touch. And your smile and laugh at the very end–the best. What a pleasure!

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