Nerdy Nerdy Hot Sauce Post!

HOT SAUCE UPDATE: please put your own suggestions in the comments!

PHOTO 1: Carlos and I loved ALL these depicted, need to order more. ETA: ORDERED MORE.

Queen Majesty: (ALL their Hot Sauces ROCK!) Jalapeño Tequila & Lime Hot Sauce; Scotch Bonnet & Ginger Hot Sauce; Red Habanero & Black Coffee Hot Sauce
Pirate’s Lantern (I am on BOTTLE #4 of Pirate’s Lantern, hot mustardy, not sweet, amazing with lox)
Small Axe Peppers: The Bronx Greenmarket

PHOTOS 2-5: Our current “stable” of hot sauces: will order several again. Particularly the Apple Cilantro by Pepplish Provisions and the Charcoal Ghost (another Queen Majesty Hot Sauce: the best ghost pepper of all of the ones we’ve tasted.

Funken Hot” by Karma Sauce is Great! We really like Howler Monkey too! And we TOTES ADORE “Alex’s Ugly Sauce

PHOTO 6: BLECH! DID NOT LIKE, COULD NOT FINISH. Burnt or sour or weird-tasting. But the bottles are funny, so we are keeping them to make something later!

Tee hee. “Rectum Ripper.” Tee hee.

PHOTO 7: Next up to try! The HEATONIST’s latest Trio Pack!

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