Enter the Umber Farklewhit

You’ll be meeting the Umber Farklewhit (AKA “Ambassador Farklewhit”) (AKA “Nanny”) (AKA I’M NOT TELLING YOU WHAT ELSE) roundabout Chapter 7 of Desdemona and the Deep.

He’s one of my favorites.

My husband, Carlos Hernandez, part writer, part professor, part game-designer, and pretty much 78% Farklewhit, took a liking to the character.


Anyway, for our Goblin Masquerade launch party this coming Saturday at The Savoy in Westerly (details here. Yes, you’re invited), Carlos decided to COS-PLAY as Farklewhit! I couldn’t be happier!

You get a sneak-peek at his costume here. And remember: if you can’t make the masquerade but still wish to dress up and join us, we’re having a VIRTUAL masquerade! (EXPLICIT INSTRUCTIONS HERE!)

So anyone who wants to can dress up, take pictures of themselves, and hashtag away on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Or wherever!

I’m so interested to see what sort of costume you come up with.

In the meantime, may I present you, goblin ambassador to Erl-Lord Kalos Kantzaros, King of the Koboldkin, the UMBER FARKLEWHIT!

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