Blogging Brimstone Rhine: 8 Days To Go! EMINENTLY EDIBLE MUSIC VIDEOS!

I have been traveling this week and not really keeping up so STELLARLY (can that adjective be adverbed? Can the noun “adverb” be verbed? Can “verb” be verbed? I AM SO CONFUSED!) with the Brimstone Rhine Campaign.

Suffice to say… We’re at $5811, which means we are 3/10ths funded for our second stretch goal of AWESOME MUSIC VIDEOS OF GLORY! If we hit that goal, we get the wizards of Rule2 Productions to dip their hot little hands into this project and make BEAUTIFUL THINGS FOR US.

Here is something Rule2 Productions already did for me. What happened was:

Magill Foote: Hey! I want to do a project with you!
Magill: OUI! TOI! (In so many words.)
Me: You know what I kinda wanna do? I kinda wanna make a sort of souped-up Reading Rainbow version of this snippet of my Secondary World Murder Mystery novella MARTYR’S GEM! (Found in upcoming collection BONE SWANS, out 7-7-15!!!)
Magill: Yeah, Grant and I can do that. Whaddya want?
Me: I want my writer/artist/allaroundamazingfriend buddy Erik Amundsen to do these drawings. And then maybe you just… make it look pretty? I’ll narrate.

BUT THEN WHAT HAPPENED WAS THIS! Suddenly, ANIMATION! Suddenly, a SOUNDTRACK of DRUMS. Suddenly, a bunch of ACTORS from Flock Theatre played with me. Suddenly, ALL THIS BEAUTY and so very little of it to do with me, except it was for my STORY, and it was like Reader Rainbow Version 200BillionPlex (#notarealnumberbutyougetmydrift).

So, that. That’s the skill that would go into the MUSIC VIDEO. And this! They made this for my buddy AMAZEBALLSMIRACLEWRITER Patty Templeton’s book THERE IS NO LOVELY END.

Goodness. Haven’t you read this yet?


All of which to say…

This world is full of WONDERFUL THINGS. And a MUSIC VIDEO of a Brimstone Rhine song (or two) would be ONE MORE WONDERFUL THING! (“Wonderful wonderful and again most wonderful wonderful,” as the Bard wrote. And, as my other favorite Bard wrote, “For the cruelty of men is as wondrous as Peru…” But that’s no so apropos, except… When is Sweeney Todd NOT apropos? THAT’S THE QUESTION!!!)

So. Brimstone Rhine. Music Videos.
Spread the word.
If you like, if you please, if’n you so desire!



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