Brimstone Rhine: HALFWAY THROUGH, so you get “Barrow Brine”

So, I’m here in Chicago for the week, because I get to be on a panel at Columbia College Chicago’s STORYWEEK next Tuesday, and help teach a fantasy class about Mythic Poetry this Friday, and be featured reader at the Gumbo Fiction Salon at the Galway Arms (TONIGHT!!!).

Yeah. It’s kind of a BIG WEEK. And I get to see ALL MY FRIENDS from my YE OLDE CHICAGO DAYS.

I’m house-hopping all over the place. Last night I visited my musician friend Samu Rahn of Cairn.

Sam and I like to text each other word games sometimes. A few months ago we were texting all the kennings for “ocean” we could think of. The best one I came up with was “Barrow Brine.” I got SO EXCITED I wrote a nautical dirge of the same title, recorded a super rough and ragged melody on my Voice Memos app, and texted it to him. He emailed me back a guitar part within the week.

This morning, before he headed off to work, I begged him to play it with me. He said he didn’t remember it. I said that didn’t matter; I had the recording he sent. He could listen and relearn. COULDN’T HE?

“I warn you,” sez he, “my guitar strings at present are well-nigh Methuselean.”
“Is it not strange,” quoth I, “that sheep’s guts could hail souls out of men’s bodies?”
“These strings? Their shambling corpses maybe.”
“Very well.”
“And can I record it and put it on the YouTubes??? PLEASE???”
“As you wish. But perhaps with a disclaimer…”
‘I WILL POST ALL THE DISCLAIMERS! I will say your guitar strings are old, and that it is the first thing in the morning, and that my voice isn’t warm, and that we’ve never rehearsed this, but PLEASE CAN I PLEASE?”
“One-Take-Jake. Let it be so.”

So. Now that ALL MY DISCLAIMERS are out of the way, allow me to present to you our Rough No Rehearsal Garageband Living Room recording of “Barrow Brine.” Samu Rahn on guitar. Just for fun.

“The Kenning Song, or, Barrow Brine” is a song from The Headless Bride EP by BRIMSTONE RHINE, now fully funded to make into a REAL LIVE ALBUM just for YOU!!!

All Headless Bride lyrics found at Mythic Delirium.
Check out Samu Rahn’s Raise the Cairn and As for Dragons.

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