Playing D&D–For Cancer Research!

HUZZAH, my nerds!

On May 25th, at 6 PM, in Bridgeport, CT, Carlos Hernandez (writer, professor, game designer), Zac Clay (voice actor, educator, professional DM), Robert Austin James (voice actor, audio/video editor, singer/songwriter), myself (YOURS TRULY, C. S. E. COONEY!!!!) and a yet-to-be-Chosen One/High School Student from Connecticut will all be playing D&D live for charity!

We will be at the historic Klein Auditorium, rolling under the awesome DMing powers of Gregory Wilson (academic, author, musician, and regular Twitch streamer on his own ArvanEleron channel!).

$5 entrance fee! Buy tickets HERE!

That’s the same price both for an IN-PERSON ticket, or a VIRTUAL ticket.

Watch a game! Support cancer research!

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