New Newsletter: Stars of a Distant Star

Friends, I have started a newsletter!

You can subscribe here, and get it right in your email box.

It’s sort of exciting. I used to write “newsletters” to friends and family in my early twenties… until I discovered LiveJournal. And then I never looked back.

I will still blog here, because I love a blog! But I will be more focused in my newsletter about specific projects and appearances, particularly: Ballads from a Distant Star, Negocios Infernales, The Devil and Lady Midnight, and Lamp. Or whatever else, as it comes!

Here’s a sneak peak of some of cast photos taken by the wonderful Nelson Luna (also, find him on Instagram!). More to come!

Cast photo for Ballads from a Distant Star, courtesy of Nelson Luna. Left to right: Amanda Baker, C. S. E. Cooney, Miriam Grill, Carlos Hernandez, Tim Rodriguez, and Carla Kissane.

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