Early December, Cradled by Waves

At the end of November through the first week of December, I visited my beloved Caitlyn Paxson on P.E.I! The Mi’kmaq Nation calls the Island “Abegweit,” “the land cradled on the waves.”

I’ve probably told you all about Caitlyn before, but I’ll say it again. She’s EXTRAORDINARY.

Caitlyn is a folklorist, museum interpreter, singer, harpist, poet, NPR book reviewer, AND THE MOST FANTASTIC WRITER OMG!

Along with Amal El-Mohtar and Jessica P. Wick, she was an editor of the gorgeous (now sleeping for a 100 years) Goblin Fruit Magazine (archives here, for your finite but also endless pleasure).

She keeps a delicious newsletter called Book and Bramble. SUBSCRIBE! I do!

One of the many awesome things she includes in her newsletter is the monthly wreath she makes–usually with wildflowers and willow withies and grasses found roundabout her farm–and I got to wear December’s!

(Also, BONUS: Caitlyn’s mama makes those SQUID MUGS I’m always going on about–also BAT MUGS! and CAT MUGS! and RAVEN MUGS! and OWL BELLS! and GOBLETS! among others–over at her Etsy shop, Skybirdarts!)

Anyway, Caitlyn and I had a delicious time playing dress up and haunting one of the museums she works at--Beaconsfield Historic House--after hours. With permission, of course.

We decided to dress up at first like grand dames of a certain Belle Epoque-ish era. Then we decided to go full DARK BREAKERS, after my new story collection with Mythic Delirium, and dress up like the fey Gentry creatures who come through the walls at midnight and wreak havoc, mayhem, and mischief!

I mean. We only PRETENDED to. We were very respectful.

We posted SO MANY PICTURES on both her and my Instagram accounts, but I shall also post some here.

I was going to make this post all about all the others things I wanted to tell you too, but we’ll leave it here. For now. There’s always… THE NEXT BLOG POST!


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3 responses to “Early December, Cradled by Waves

  1. That truly is a magnificent wreath! Caitlyn’s wreath skills are prodigious! And what fun, your dress-up time together.

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