Illustrated Card from “Dixit” board game, art by Marie Cardouat, designed by Jean-Louis Roubira

For a small part of our weekly Monday catch-up chats, Amal and I have been trying to devote 10 minutes (sometimes less) to a writing-to-prompt exercise.

Last week, we used Negocios Infernales cards. Yesterday, we tried cards from her Dixit set. Last week, we drew different cards. Yesterday, we decided to do prompts off the same card. I’d love to do this with our Mysterium game sometime…

The card above was the one we drew. This is my response:


lady, you are invaded
a staircase grows in you like cancer
ants crawl in you, and hungry
vines pierce your exoskeleton
lady, you are a red husk, repurposed
a red barque in the wilderness
sailing a leaf-green sea
you are riddled with portholes, and I
sit, black-armored, at your starboard side
my brass telescope
protruding from your corpse


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7 responses to “LADYBUG

  1. I’m glad your poem is in the macabre vein, because the image is scary-creepy!

  2. csecooney


  3. Delightful! Dreadful and delicate and strange.

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