Break the Wheel that Would Break You

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Amal and I try to talk on Mondays, and for the last two weeks we’ve been drawing cards to see if they inspire fiction or poetry. We usually give ourselves 10 minutes or less to write. One week ago, we used this Negocios Infernales cards. Yesterday, we used Dixit cards.

But last week’s card inspired this quick fiction story-start.

I doubt I’ll go further with it; it’s a bit heavily Sarah Monette-influenced, which pleased me in one way, but not in another. Only Monette can do Monette well, and I shan’t be satisfied with a starry-eyed imitation.

For what it’s worth, I did come up with the character’s name last night as I was falling asleep. Her mother named her “Devils Apace,” but she goes by “Pace.” (See? A bit too Sarah Monette. But let’s celebrate that here and now! I love the inspiration that keeps giving.)

From the card…

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4 responses to “Break the Wheel that Would Break You

  1. suddenly, it’s like you’re standing between two continents colliding, or, like, directly in the path of a glacier as it’s about to level a mountain (and you ain’t, nor never were, a mountain) –love that.

    • csecooney

      Thank you KINDLY! We recently visited Watkins Glen, and we could see “seams” in the rock-face (little placards pointed them out) where continents collided, and it was just… it was just… you know. In my CHEST.

  2. Oh, but I love the energy to and generated by this!

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