TweetSpeak Poetry Prompt 2: Sound: Irresistible Vocabulary

From TweetSpeak’s Poetry Prompt Free Mini-Series. Sign up at their website to get prompts in mail.

Based on Sara Barkat’s Poem “Gerda in the Garden”
Barkat creates irresistible sounds by employing “expert vocabulary,” or specific words from a field, such as gardening. Write a poem that catalogs a variety of words you may not commonly use—it could be language from ice hockey, chemistry, or raising guinea pigs. Doing a bit of research first is okay. Play with the words and enjoy the sounds of them bumping and crashing together.

A Day In the Recording Booth

by C. S. E. Cooney

plosives are plush explosions, plummy and plumy, breathy and balloony
blowsy as tulips, effervescent on the lips, bubblebounce of sound
need a popscreen, angled jaw, distance from the mic (or put a sock on it!)
the “r’s,” however, more approximant, are rounded, restful consonants
though by weary wend of day, they rasp and fray and deliquesce to “w’s”
sibilance is easy-peasy, susquehanna-Sasquatch-squeezy, yes but even so
it sometimes slides to lisping fricatives, voiced or voiceless dental fricatives
“Thuffering thuccotash!” crieth Thylvethter. “Thith tongue ith tired!”
the lateral is lulling, liquid and compelling, but come nightfall, all there is, is


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3 responses to “TweetSpeak Poetry Prompt 2: Sound: Irresistible Vocabulary

  1. What amazing fun to read–I would love to hear you *speak* this one. I can hear your voice in my ear as I read it, and I love it.

    • csecooney

      I am so glad you like it! It’s fun to have poetry prompts, especially because no one MADE ME. I’ve been missing poetry. I have a lot to learn!

      • This prompt and the one from yesterday are **good prompts**. Some (many?) leave me ungrounded, but these ones are good, particular in a way that opens up possibilities helpfully … I like where you took them!

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