Forum Network: Fantastic Reimaginings: Readings And Discussion

Well, this is really cool!

The Forum Network posted the entire Speculative Boston reading and panel that I got to do with Sonya Taaffe and Nina MacLaughlin, introduced by Gillian Daniels.

I read bits from The Twice-Drowned Saint–my new (short) novel, forthcoming from Mythic Delirium in The Sinister Quartet anthology (available for pre-order, both paperback and ebook!), along with great, dark novellas by Mike Allen, Jessica Wick, and Amanda J. McGee.

Sonya read from her collection Forget the Sleepless Shores, and Nina read from her collection of re-told myths Wake, Siren.

Then we have a panel discussion with some VERY interesting questions! (And, as far as I can remember them, SOME AWESOME ANSWERS TOO.)

So, for all you DARLING NERDS (like me) out there, check it out, here:
Fantastic Reimaginings: Readings And Discussion

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