Citymeals on Wheels

This month’s DESDEMONA’S TITHE is to Raices, and it comes due on the full moon–which is in about 11 days. That is coming, but it is not today’s work.

The other day, Carlos and I got a letter from Citymeals on Wheels. Perhaps it is because I have been writing to both of my living grandmothers more lately, and feeling the fragility of all our lives so keenly. I should have written them more often, for years. When Gene died, I regretted not writing to him more often, not calling him because I was never very good on the phone–though he was! Oh, I regretted many things.

Anyway, what caught my eye about the Citymeals on Wheels letter was that, included in the text asking for help with delivering meals to homebound elders during the holidays, was a placemat, with a line on it where one can sign one’s name. A beautiful sort of personal touch, I thought.

I approached Carlos rather tentatively and asked if we could maybe sign it in memory of his mother. A delicate question, you may well imagine.

He stopped what he was doing (making music), got up from his synthesizer, and hugged me. That was answer enough.

Emma would feed people. Emma always fed people. And so will we, in her name.


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2 responses to “Citymeals on Wheels

  1. This has made me weepy AND made me want to feed people immediately. I love you both so much.

    • csecooney

      Ah, the desire I have to feed you and be fed by you. Remember Robin McKinley’s Sunshine? She described it as “the dominant feed-people gene.” We have it. Most humans do, I think.

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