Things I Used to Hold in Contempt for No Reason and Now Don’t

  1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Hated it as a teenager. Loved it in my late twenties. Now have very fond memories of my late twenties. And very confused memories of myself puffed up on feelings of superiority and loathing at the age of 15. Where did that even come from?
  2. Black tea with honey and milk. I don’t even remember a time when I didn’t like it. But my friend and former boss Katie assured me that when I started working at her bookstore in my early twenties, I scoffed at the idea of hot black tea with things in it. (I always drank iced tea straight.) Um. I now drink hot black tea with honey and milk or almond milk every day. WHAT WAS I THINKING?
  3. The second half of Stephen King’s IT. I realized upon a later re-read that it’s not so much the second half. I just like all the parts with the kids in it better. But those parts sort of flow through the adult parts.
  4. Cussing. Oh, how infinitely superior I felt, flinging pure purple lightning streaks of Shakespearean-level insults at my friends instead of using the more common vulgarities of the four-letter word variety. Now I just like it all. Deadwood maybe does it best.
  5. Jim Carey. I mean, dude was everywhere, and everyone was talking like him, and everything you heard was “Allrightythen” and “Do NOT go in there!” and I maybe sort of projected my weariness with imitation and repetition onto the actor. But then I read an amazing article by Steve Martin on the physical comedy genius of Jim Carey, and I realized I was being a jerk IN MY OWN HEAD.
  6. Jeans. I still only own one pair. But I think they’re COOL. I put them on when I want to feel incognito, but with a hint of adventure and do-anything-ness.

I’m sure there were more things. So much more. But it’s nice to know I’ve grown up some by age 37.

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