New Month, New Resolutions

It is March 1st, and I am 420 pages into my new revisions. Out of 670. 250 left. I’d like to get through them in 20 days.

That’s 12 and a half pages a day, which doesn’t seem like much considering it’s revisions. Not, like, an entire rewrite. Right? Except for some chapters. A lot of them. And most sentences. You know.

I also have copyedits due for DESDEMONA AND THE DEEP . . . soon. Three days? Must look. Oh, and acknowledgements! Well! Today’s the day I print that MS out, just watch me. March crept on fast. I’ve been busy making lasagna, I guess.

We also have a launch party to plan. That’s next week. For Carlos Hernandez‘s SAL AND GABI BREAK THE UNIVERSE. The launch is on Thursday, March 7th. His book comes out on Tuesday.

Rick Riordan had the most FANTASTIC idea for the Sal and Gabi Book Birthday. He said everyone who has a copy should dress up as their ALTERNATE SELVES and take SELFIES! I’ve been thinking–who’s my alternate self (or one of them) and what would they wear and what would they even THINK of Sal and Gabi???

The whole thing’s got me thinking about my own book launch for DESDEMONA. Carlos and I had the idea of throwing a Gentry Moon Masquerade somewhere, and everyone can come dressed up as their Gentry/Goblin/or fabulous human haute-couture selves. When? We don’t know. Sometime in July, most likely. Book is out July 23rd. Where would we even hold such a thing?

!!! Hey, hey, hey–I JUST saw in the Twitterverse that Amal El-Mohtar got her advance copies of her and Max Gladstone‘s book, THIS IS HOW YOU LOSE THE TIME WAR. That’s also out in July. CANNOT FRIKKIN WAIT! Have I pre-ordered yet?

Snowing outside today. Really pretty.

Somewhere in the other room, Carlos is playing with his new rubber chickens! Now he’s brought them in here and is jumping and dancing. Hold up–pics happening!

Carlos Hernandez and his new best friends.

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