The Archivist

for Jeremy Brett

He was the archivist, hive artist, building bee of book queens
Cataloguer, stargazer, keeper of the histories
Time-tender, mind-bender, guardian of the garden
(Opus-blossom, tome-bloom, orchid of the quarto moon)
Dictionary sentry, vede mecum warden
Softcover sentinel, steward of the volume
Compendium custodian, defender of the lexicon
Minister of monk scrolls, occult apothecary
Poetry protector and conservator of copy
Encyclopedic overseer, dissertation sentry
Omnibusboy, page of pamphlets, prince of printed leaflets
Codex cad, thesaurus rex, treatise tarot reader
Monarch of the monographs, anarchist of albums
Archivist, hive artist, Atlas of the atlas


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2 responses to “The Archivist

  1. I love it, Claire. Thanks so much!

  2. csecooney

    Oh, Jeremy–it was my pleasure!

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