Brimstone Rhine Update: Headless Bride EP, Plus Narration Perks!

headlessbride artAs I am writing this, I am hearing the rough mixes of “Lavender’s Darling” and the “Headless Bride” from the new EP. I am particularly fond of the mechanical music-box intro to the latter; I think my brother Remi did such a beautiful job!

I’ve just finished writing to the contributors at the $75 level of the Brimstone Rhine Campaign perks. My goal is to have all those narrations done by the end of November! I am very excited about this.

When I ended the campaign, I’d had some experience narrating podcasts like Podcastle and Uncanny, and some of my own poems on Goblin Fruit. Shortly after the campaign, Tantor Media hired me as an audiobook narrator! Since then, I’ve narrated 24 full-length books! Phew.

I am excited to bring my broader experience and deeper understanding of narration to benefit my generous contributors!

ljx090401tantorlogo1Meanwhile, my brother is busy mixing the last 6 songs of The Headless Bride. Soon, I’ll be looking into printing the Brimstone Rhine cover art and sending it out to backers, and also finding a good company to press the CDs for me.

After a hectic summer and early fall, things have finally slowed down enough for me to give this project my full concentration. It certainly has taken me longer than I’d hoped (ha! I had estimated having rough recordings of all the $100 level songs by June! Ha-ha!), but I do believe this project is coming along.

I hope you all are having a fabulous October!

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