Brimstone Rhine: Day…Something. “A List of Beautiful Things.”

First of all, we only have $210 to go until BRIMSTONE RHINE is funded! That’s very exciting! Things’ve slowed down a little. In a way, I can’t say I’m ungrateful! Ha! At least my skull has stopped spinning. Hopefully in the next few weeks we can creep on up to the END GOAL!

Ultima Thule! Excelsior! FABOOSH!

Second of all, Julia Rios of the Outer Alliance Podcast was so kind as to interview me about Brimstone Rhine. The interview includes a beautiful discussion with YA fantasy authors Sherwood Smith and Rachel Manija Brown about their books STRANGER and HOSTAGE, and then I come on at the end for a chat, and Julia Rios asked me to SING. So I did.

Here is the whole interview!

And here I just thought I’d recap all the COOL THINGS THUS FAR:

1. Alecto! Alecto! Demo Reel

2. Wicked Naked Puppets

3. Headless EP Bride Lyrics

4. Uncanny Interview about Brimstone Rhine

As ever, thanks for reading! Have a BEAUTIFUL WEEK!


Brimstone Rhine!

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