“THE HEADLESS BRIDE” EP Lyrics Available on Mythic Delirium

Mike Allen over at MYTHIC DELIRIUM MAGAZINE has so kindly featured all the lyrics to Brimstone Rhine’s THE HEADLESS BRIDE on his WEBSITE!


1. O Loathly Ones
2. Can of Worms
3. Lavender’s Darling
4. Mockingbird and Kestrel Girl
5. Chevalier
6. The Headless Bride
7. Black Widow’s Waltz
8. Barrow Brine

I wrote all but “Mockingbird and Kestrel Girl” and “Barrow Brine” during a single slow day at work. “Mockingbird” I wrote a bit earlier for my friend the poet Dominik Parisien one day (also at work), thinking it might cheer him up a bit. Also because he was so unwise as to tell me, “You have shiny eyes. I’d like to pluck them out.” And that’s what you get for such high-falutin’ compliments.

“Barrow Brine, or The Kenning Song” I wrote when my friend the musician Samu Rahn (of Cairn) and I were passing forth kennings for the ocean through text messages. “Barrow Brine” was the BEST ONE I CAME UP WITH. So I wrote that, made up a quick tune, sang it on my Voice Memos app, texted it to him, and within the week, he’d recorded over my skeletal melody a VERY PRETTY guitar part, and it made me super happy.

The song “Chevalier” is a continuation of a theme Mike Allen and I explored once in a poem (due out soon) about a conversation between the ghost of Joan of Arc and the prisoner Gilles de Rais on the eve of his execution for heinous crimes. I always liked the thought of a saint and a monster as comrades in arms. Or… was it quite so simple as that? HISTORY IS SO INTERESTING!

OH! Also for your reading amusement, Deb Stanish at Uncanny Magazine interviewed me!!! HERE IS THE LINK! If you get the WHOLE EBOOK, you get TOTAL ACCESS TO EVERYTHING Beautiful Uncanny Magazine and all its SPACE UNICORNS has to offer!!!

As usual this month, this blog is the fault of THE BRIMSTONE RHINE CAMPAIGN!


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