Eight Items of Interest

1.) Roaring Back at the Lion of Winter: Readings

On Sunday, February 5th, 7 PM – 8:30 PM EST: a night of 10 readings by authors who will make you kermit-flail, muppet-scream, and MEME ABOUT!

Featuring: Zig Zag Claybourne, Linda Addison, Charlie Jane Anders, Martha Wells, Patty Templeton, LaShawn Wanak, Maria Dong, Michael W. Lucas, Carlos Hernandez, and yours truly, C. S. E. Cooney!

Readings are virtual! Registration is free! Register here at Eventbrite.

2.) Both Saint Death’s Daughter and Dark Breakers made it to Locus Magazine’s Recommended Reading List–and what a list it is!

That list! Those authors! Their books! I’m so excited! The ones I’ve already read, I want to read again. But then, when would I read all the other ones!

In honor of this, and the forthcoming release of my novel The Twice-Drowned Saint as a standalone book in a couple of weeks, Mike Allen at Mythic Delirium writes:

From now through the official Feb. 7 debut date of The Twice-Drowned Saint, and likely for several days after; we’re offering a two-for-one e-book deal: pay half-price (($7 + $6)/2=$7.50) and get both (Dark Breakers and The Twice-Drowned Saint), in the format of your choice, delivered to your inbox.

3.) The wonderful team at Solaris Books made me this great video and graphic for the forthcoming release of the SAINT DEATH’S DAUGHTER paperback.

(In my head it is always THE PINK PAPERBACK! ALLCAPS!)

Here’s a link to the video on my Instagram page! And here’s the graphic!

4.) I did my first by-myself AMA on Reddit!

I’d done one before with the A Sinister Quarter group, but this was the first I set up on my own. One of the r/Fantasy moderators was reading Saint Death’s Daughter with her book group and invited me to show up so they could ask questions. It was really fun!

Here’s the link if you’re interested in reading the archives!

5.) I finished my outline for SAINT DEATH’S HERALD!

It’s almost 10,000 words! That’s, like, writing a novelette to tell me the story of a novel. It has snatches of dialogue, even a footnote. It’s basically like writing a mini-draft! IT MAY HAVE SAVED ME A DECADE OF WRITING! It’s very EXCITING!

I made a GRAPHIC! It’s very cheerful!

6.) On Poetry

This was sort of a banner week for poetry! On Friday, Patty Templeton and Carlos and I had our second-ever session for writing LAMP, our shared-world poetry anthology about a troupe of actors, fleeing the city Lamp after disaster, trying to find haven in the Grays–the salt marshes–in a little town called Porthole. VERY EXCITING.

Then, on Monday night, we had our Sitzfleisch Poetry Hour (“Anyone can write poetry for one hour a month!”), and I whipped the first movement of “The (Future Former) King of Elfland’s Printing Press” into tolerable first-draft shape!

And also, sometime either last week or this week, I applied for a grant. That was unexpected. I was encouraged by a friend. It’s a lotto ticket, a flare in the dark, but it gave me a new look at my poetry collection, and made me glad I’d put it together at the beginning of January, sort of on a whim!

7.) On Ballads from a Distant Star

Our first get-together/rehearsal is on Saturday! I’ve been learning how to book rehearsal space in New York City, hot damn! I had a meeting with Carla Kissane at Alice’s Tea Cup yesterday, and learned so much. I really want to treat my cast right, and for all of us to have great fun!

Carlos made us this initial graphic. We’re thinking there will be a series of “Missing” posters of each of the miners mentioned.

8.) Negocios Infernales–coming soon!

I know we keep saying that, but we’ve been seeing bits and shimmers of the card layout, and we’re so excited about the rulebook.

Our last Infernal Salon, hosted by the Virtual Gumbo Fiction Salon in January, went so well! (Carlos wrote a new song for Ballads from a Distant Star! In 20 minutes!)

I hope we’ll have more concrete news for you soon!

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