A video message from THE HERNANDOONEYS! (Yours truly C. S. E. Cooney & Carlos Hernandez, in other words.)

TL;DW WE SKINNED OUR GAME “Negocios Infernales,” forthcoming from Outland Entertainment to do a one-shot RPG set in Gregory Wilson’s GRAYSHADE world.)

Tune in tonight, 6-10 PM ET, on, for FANTASY ASSASSIN SHENANIGANS! Carlos and Greg and I are playing and it will be SO EXCITING! FATALLY SO, I IMAGINE!

In the meantime, since all that SNEAKY ASSASSIN RPG STUFF sounds SO AMAZING, DO PLEASE go and back Greg’s/ Atthis Arts’/ Alligator Alley Entertainment’s collaborative Kickstarter for Greg’s dark fantasy trilogy PLUS a 5E-powered RPG based on The Gray Assassin world!


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2 responses to “GRAY ASSASSINS!!! TONIGHT!

  1. sitaluna

    Will this be recorded in any way that I could see it sometime later?

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    • csecooney

      Yes, mama! In fact it will! All the stuff on Greg’s channel goes right to YouTube within 2 days! It’s really fun!

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