I Missed My Friend’s Birthday, and All He Wanted Was…

Hallo, hallo!

The greater part of my October was a two-week trip to Pennsylvania to bond with my almost-three-year-old nephew while his baby sister was being born an hour away in Pittsburgh. That was great! But I dropped a lot of balls. Juggling balls, that is.

One of them was my buddy Aaron Rosenberg’s birthday. All he wanted was for people to spread the word about his books! Carlos and I bought a few of them for ourselves at Origins Game Fair earlier this month… last month?… recently!… and we look forward to getting to them in our TBR tower!

Aaron’s birthday this year was also his DOUBLE BOOK BIRTHDAY! He released both Cross the Road, the fourth and final e-book in his Time of the Phoenix series, as well as Time of the Phoenix itself, as a collected print paperback.


Time of the Phoenix, Book 4: Cross the Road

The fourth and final tale in the historical dark fantasy series The Time of the Phoenix, Book 4, Cross the Road sees the immortal Phoenix traveling to 1930s New York in the wake of his friend’s death.  

The being who was once Christopher Marlowe is there seeking answers—and vengeance. What he finds instead is a startling new style of music: the Delta Blues.  

But will even pursuing this revelation to its source in the Mississippi Delta help the Phoenix find the answers—and the people—he seeks? Will he have his revenge?  

And after all that, will he find a reason to keep on going? Or is this the end for the avatar of humanity’s creativity, once and for all?

Time of the Phoenix: Collected Paperback

Keeping the flames alive…

In Time of the Phoenix, immortal Phoenix, avatar of passion and individuality, appears at key points throughout history to inspire humanity’s creative endeavors—and stop those who would quench their fire.

In 1593, Christopher Marlowe struggles to complete his latest play—and battles dark forces drowning London in disease, madness, and mayhem.

In Lake Geneva, in 1816, renowned poet Lord Byron gathers several friends at a villa for what becomes a harrowing experience.
In 1920s Hollywood, someone is murdering young women in the silent film world—and it looks like a certain Latin Lover could be the culprit!

In the 1930s, as a new form of music rises from the Mississippi Delta leads to answers, enemies, a chance to settle old scores—and a brand-new King.

From bestselling author Aaron Rosenberg comes a historical dark fantasy thriller about art, inspiration, and the extraordinary sacrifices one man must make to shield mankind from all forms of darkness, even those rising from within.

For completion’s sake, here are the first three books:

Time of the Phoenix, Book 1
: For This Is Hell:

Time of the Phoenix, Book 2: One Haunted Summer

Time of the Phoenix, Book 3: Death in Silents

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