Shakespeare Cabaret: Whores and Weeping Women

I just want to remind you–and remind me, yikes, Carlos and I really need to buy our tickets!–that Carla Kissane‘s amazing, subversive, feminist Shakespeare Cabaret Whores and Weeping Women is next month. Next month!

What’s not to love about this human?

…and, since beginning this blog last week, now I must say… it’s THIS MONTH! THIS MONTH!

October 21st, to be exact! 8:30 PM for Arts On Site: Studio 3R Performances!

You can read all about previous iterations of the show here and watch video teasers and all that!

But for the latest and greatest in updates, may I direct you to: CARLOTTA BEE’S WHORES AND WEEPING WOMEN INSTAGRAM!

I just want to crawl inside this show and live in its fishnets.

I should also direct you DIRECTLY to the ticket site. That gets you to the calendar.

But this one goes directly to Carla’s performance on the 21st (it’s the one at 8:30 PM).

I’m Carlotta Bee’s biggest fan. Other fans will tell you otherwise.

I’ve been helping some with script and structure. As far as the Shakespeare and the songs, Carla (or “Carlotta Bee” as she’s known in this show) has no equal.

Beautifully directed by Miriam Grill and choreographed by Katherine McClintic, this show just about slaughters me. I have been moved to chills and tears and rib-straining belly laughs from the EARLIEST STAGES OF DEVELOPMENT!

I am so excited! Carlos and I will be going together, and I bet we’ll come out SINGING!


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5 responses to “Shakespeare Cabaret: Whores and Weeping Women

  1. csecooney

    Reblogged this on and commented:

    This is a wonderful show, womanned by an all-female production crew–and I cannot WAIT for it!

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  3. Kathleen T Power

    Oh that is so exciting… UPDATED version!!!! Woohoo…..Carla is so gifted. It will be mind-blowing. Chookers..Mutti

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