Our Ample Hills Reading

I had many favorite parts of our Sweet Reading at Ample Hills Gowanis last night, like:

1.) OMGOSH I need to read all of E. Chris Ambrose’s BONE GUARD books (think Indiana Jones meets black ops), like, STAT, and:

2.) I can’t WAIT for Randee Dawn’s TUNE IN TOMORROW—out next year!!! From Solaris, like mine! BOOK SISTERS! Not to mention:

3.) THE ICE CREAM! It was so good I couldn’t even finish it. Tickets come with a “small”–which means two scoops. I got one scoop of this, and another of this. UM. YUM. NOM NOM NOM.

But I really, really liked when I challenged the audience to define for me the term “Necropants” without googling it.

LOL. Carlos was my minion. (Next month, he will be a Sweet Reading reader! Sign up now!) He ran around handing out scraps of paper and pens. Later, he and Ambrose went through them all, cackling like fiends. Then I chose favorites from their favorites. BUT REALLY THEY WERE ALL FAVORITES!

The two winners got DARK BREAKERS ARCS! Also, I laughed my butt off. We kept all the answers. (See below.) Maybe I’ll get a scrapbook…

Carla Kissane and Carlos both took some pics last night. THANK YOU, WONDERFUL PEOPLE! (Oh! Oh! ALSO! Check out Carla’s subversive, feminist Shakespeare CabaretWhores and Weeping Women” next month, Arts on Site: Studio 3R Performances, October 21st at 8:30!)

I read a scene between my necromancer Lanie Stones and her friend/pen pal/love interest Canon Lir (a fire priest of the god Sappacor) from SAINT DEATH’S DAUGHTER. And I read the first three short sections of “The Two Paupers” from DARK BREAKERS. Because Analise Field and Gideon Alderwood are perennial favorites, and always have been. PRE-ORDER LIKE THERE’S TOO MANY TOMORROWS!

I brought lots of postcards that our friend the artist Shannon Potratz made for us! They each have a pre-order QR code. I even brought one for NEGOCIOS INFERNALES! We did a little demo and pulled up actress Carla Kissane to help us with it. She asked the Deck of Destiny whether or not Shakespeare’s sister would ever rise up and walk among us (referencing Virginia Woolf’s famous passage from a Room of One’s Own). The deck responded!


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  1. No, I was right the first time. Embarrass does have two Rs. It was a difficult day, but there’s no excuse for my spelling to slip. (Wonderful reading!)

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