Negocios Infernales is Acquired By Outland!

I cannot wait to share this game with you! And see the Infernal Salons you host with our writing prompts! There are going to be such rich, hilarious, mysterious times ahead for all of us!

Carlos and I have GREAT NEWS! The fabulous people at Outland Entertainment have acquired our Table Top Role-Playing Game.

It’s a GM-less, diceless, cooperative storytelling game, set in an alternate world called Gloriana (kind of like Spain in the breath before the Inquisition), and it uses a bespoke deck of 70 cards we created with art by Rebecca Huston!

To receive our Infernal Newsletter, sign up here at Outland’s Negocios Infernales page! To receive notifications about when our Kickstarter is kicking off, follow our Kickstarter pre-page!

We, meanwhile, had a great time at our first Planet Comicon in Kansas City, Missouri, meeting our publishers, making friends, giving interviews, signing books, and playtesting Negocios Infernales in the Game Room.

We’ll very likely be there again in April 2022, so look for us there!

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