Factory Girls’ Rhyme: Fanlore of Desdemona and the Deep by Caitlyn Paxson

Today, on the two year anniversary of the book launch of Desdemona and the Deep, I want to share with you this fanlore “Factory Girls Rhyme” by Caitlyn Paxson. I love her. I love her.

Desdemona Tattercoats
One part goblin, one part goat
One part swan and one part stoat
If you’re down to your last oat
She’ll fill your boots with golden notes

Desdemona Tattercoats
One part woman, one part goat
One part wolf and one part stoat
If the boss man starts to gloat
She’ll creep in and squeeze his throat

Desdemona Tattercoats
One part ghost and one part goat
One part fox and one part stoat
If you’re used up, dying, broke\
Just call her name into the smoke
Desdemona Tattercoats 

Here is Caitlyn Paxson reciting her text by candlelight…

And here is some of Caitlyn Paxson’s Desdemona fan art at the bottom. Her gifts are bountiful: one of my dearest friends and favorite collaborators. I CANNOT WAIT to share her novels with you! Her talents are pretty much infinite!


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