La Carlotta in the Making

A Shakespearean Sonnet for Carla Kissane

by C. S. E. Cooney

Upon her rooftop in her raven wig
The actress plays for pigeons and a dream
Of one day strutting stately, in full rig
Onstage, performing live but not livestream
But meantime, every kettle is her cauldron
A-bubble with the witchcraft of her work
A neon feather boa for her pauldron
Her corset, shield; stiletto heel, her dirk
And though no one is watching, how she hones
Her craft, as though her lips drop gems and gold
How every kitchen chair becomes a throne
And solitude a canvas for the bold
O lady! Though these days have worn you fine
Just know: you put the "diva" in "divine"

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