Our Surreal A.M.s

Hernandez and I have the strangest morning conversations, and I recently realized I’d love to preserve some of them.

Alas for the last 6 years of lost moments. Though I suppose some things OUGHT to remain private.

But really, sometimes it’s like we live in our own private cartoon strip!

This morning, for example:

Me: Imagine it. An ouroboros Möbius strip NESTING DOLL!
Carlos: *blinks*
Carlos: *blinks*
Carlos: *blinks*
Carlos: Come for the nightmare, stay for the mathematics!

Or, our running gag about poor Amelia Earhart. (CW: MACABRE!) We’d read this article about one of her possible demises via coconut crab.

So sometimes, of a morning, there might be a scene:

Carlos: (gnawing on my skull) Oh! Amelia! It is I, your beloved coconut crab!


Me: (gnawing on his skull) (to the tune of Joni Mitchell’s “Amelia“) “Amelia! It was just a false alarm!”

I was thinking I should name our coconut crab characters, and how they could psych each other out by crawling into Amelia’s skull and pretending she’s still alive.


and the other goes: “IS THAT YOU, AMELIA?”

and the first one says: “NAH M’CRAB, JUST MESSIN WITH YA.”

I’d have to make a study of Micronesian languages to give the coconut crabs really swell names though…

Anyway, that’s my morning. How’s yours?

Now just imagine us as coconut crabs.

It really isn’t too hard, is it?

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