From WIP: Fiddle

Context: A conversation between two goblin sisters of Hatch Khelekeres— Loxósseliss “Fiddle” and Dida–about the half-selkie boy (elephant seal, from the Pinkbladder family) whom Dida wants to marry.

These goblin girls both have spider-like attributes. Dida shares a few things in common with the spitting spider. Lox (or “Fiddle”) is very much like a brown recluse. She likes computer games, staying in, and accidentally biting people who startle her.

“Wait,” I said, and Dida stopped rhapsodizing for a second. “Does your boy have immunity to . . . you know?” I gestured to her wet mouth.

Dida’s semi-translucent hair-legs writhed in ecstasy across her entire scalp. She smoothed the silken tatters of her mini-dress, then immediately rumpled them again as she began hopping up and down and hugging herself

“He’s fine.”

Her smirk indicated something more like “and by fine I mean HIS ASS” or perhaps “to people who are immune to its toxicity, this saliva is a feature not a bug.”

She went on to explain, “Gentry-babes from the Fathom Realms are particularly robust.”

“I see. More so than ungulates?”

The smirk deepened. “Brine is an excellent lubricant.”

I shuddered. “Saltwater? In all those crevices?”

She laughed. “Friction!”



“Rash. Rash on all your carapaces.”

“He’s worth it. I promise. Those thighs! That nose bladder! So. Will you go with me?”

And then she said the P word again. And again. And again.

“Please? Please, Fiddle? Pretty please? With sugar on top of dwayberry tarts and fruit flies and earwigs—please?”

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  1. Dwayberries are the flavor of the day!

    Those thighs! That nose bladder! –love it!

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