Playtesting “Negocios Infernales” at Boskone 2020

Post from our family website!

The art is complete for our new game NEGOCIOS INFERNALES. We have made a prototype for playtesting!

(The size has not yet been adjusted from playing card to tarot card, but that’s a little thing.)

For now, this “La Baraja del Destino” of ours is ready to test at Boskone and it is BEE-YOOOUU–TEEE–FUL!

All art by the glorious, the genius, the darling Rebecca Huston of Heathen Ink!

Keep reading for MORE ABOUT THE GAME!

FEA12BC7-3A35-4A1F-99BB-13969E782D9DF28F092C-37AD-4546-97B2-5B9E289B18F1The game of NEGOCIOS INFERNALES is Men in Black by way of the Spanish Inquisition!

A world very much like our Earth is experiencing something a lot like our Spanish Inquisition. Aliens show up to this planet with an invitation for the humans there to join their Cosmic Consciousness, but the humans there aren’t quite able to understand what the aliens are or what they want.

“Are you devils?” ask the humans.
“Um, sure,” shrug…

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