Ballads from a Distant Star: The Number Crunching Edition

Regarding our upcoming “Ballads from a Distant Star” concept album campaign:

I AM VACILLATING! Indiegogo or Kickstarter?

I went with Indiegogo last time, for the first two Brimstone Rhine EPs. And still, the thought of operating with partial funding and paying the rest out of pocket is still better than doing all this work & having it come to nothing!

But Kickstarter is a bigger platform. Plus they have HQ in NYC. And I’m here. Unlike last time.

This is a bigger project, more ambitious, more moving parts, more collaborators. It didn’t begin as a Brimstone Rhine project at all, but part of the (erstwhile) Banjo Apocalypse Crinoline Troubadours performance group.

I mean, a sci-fi CONCEPT ALBUM! We’ve been working on the music for YEARS! I’m dedicated to this music—partly because a great bulk of it was written and composed by some of my dearest shield-sisters in the WORLD! Plus, I like my own pieces!!!

It’s ambitious—more ambitious than my first—early, fun, beautifully imperfect—attempts at those two EPS, “Alecto! Alecto!” and “The Headless Bride.”

“Corbeau Blanc and Corbeau Noir” was all out of pocket, because it was a present to my backers—as a thank you—and I think the music was often more adventurous, but “Ballads” is next league stuff.

Or so I hope.


Ahem. Yes. I’ve been working on campaign tonight. >.> Crunching numbers. Writing emails. Sending texts.


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7 responses to “Ballads from a Distant Star: The Number Crunching Edition

  1. I vote Kickstarter. If you are worried about it not funding (and I definitely think it will fund–such an exciting concept and big scope!) set a lower goal. Kickstarter is like a restaurant with a good location, and most people are comfortable with it and trust it as a platform. I will definitely pledge your crowd fund no matter where you have it however.


    • csecooney

      I did just apply to their Creator-in-Residence thingy. SO! I think I’m being SWAAAAYYED Kickstarter way. I got to go to their HQ for something . . . oh, I remember–to record my first Fireside Magazine Issue! It was such a cool space.

  2. Really did love Headless Bride et al.–I’m sure this will be marvelous, whichever funding platform you use.

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