Desdemona’s Tithe: Planned Parenthood (January ’20) and City Harvest (February ’20)

Somehow in the whirl of the New Year, I neglected my action in Desdemona’s Tithe. (To read more about this year-long commitment–and probably beyond–follow this link.)

This month, I played catch-up with a double tithe. I hope the goblins of my private underworlds will not castigate me too sharply.

We supported the following institutions today in the necessary work they do:

Planned Parenthood
Full Moon Tithe: January 10th

This link goes right to Planned Parenthood’s Mission Statement and Goals.

City Harvest
Full Moon Tithe: February 9th

City Harvest is an organization for food rescue and food security programs in NYC. To learn more, follow this link.

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