Transition State: About to Write

Before I start my writing for today, I want to say as how yesterday Carlos gave me–almost without thinking about it!–the perfect title for this novella I’m about done first-drafting.


Decisions, decisions.

When I’m finished with this one, I’ll have two–count ’em TWO!–first drafts of two VERY DIFFERENT novellas. And then I think–I do think–I might be ready to start revisions again.

After an intense 2 years of final revisions for Miscellaneous Stones: Necromancer to get her submission-ready, and for Desdemona and the Deep to get her publication-ready, I was pretty burnt out, writing-wise, and wondering if I would ever have a new thought in my head ever again.

And I guess I have my answer.

Both stories need a lot of work. They’re just sweet baby spiderling drafts, after all.

And I have, of course, the new round of Dark Breakers revisions to do to get them ready for the re-release. (Ideas about that . . . more to come . . .) And I have another first draft of a novella I wrote a few years ago. Total mess, but . . . I REALLY want to revisit it. And, and, and . . .

My beauties, I have to tell you. I am excited.

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  1. You are a beauty and a wonder and a WRITER!

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