Ballads from a Distant Star: Concept Album . . . in the works

I was just chatting with Carlos Hernandez about our upcoming Brimstone Rhine/The Banjo Apocalypse Crinoline Troubadours concept album/spoken word project, Ballads from a Distant Star.

I am EXTREMELY excited about collaborating with my brother Jeremy Cooney and Stefan Dollak again, and Amal says she will SING with me (have I such SOLOS for HER!!!), and it is all very exciting.

My new idea is that the five or so Distant Star Ballads will be woven in with this 4-part spoken word poem I wrote for Mike Allen’s Mythic Delirium.

When I mentioned that, to my surprise and delight, CARLOS SAID HE HAD NEVER READ IT BEFORE!!! How did that happen? But . . . YAY!

So I read it aloud to him.

Go on–you can too, if you like. Just click that link, pals!

And then he told me, “You know, I remember, back in graduate school, first hearing about science fiction poetry and thinking, ‘What is that? How does that even work?’ This,” he waves in my general direction. “This is how it works. I can feel this looping back even now, feeding that lacuna in my education.”


So that got me all keen to put together that package I’ve been meaning to do for my collaborators. Patty Templeton might be able to do the artwork–she did such a beautiful job on the lithograph for Corbeau Blanc, Corbeau Noir, and her partner Brett Massé is a graphic designer of no small talent.

But before all that happens, I need to actually, you know, do the work.

After that, the Indiegogo.

Possibly in September. Later than I’d intended, but the year’s already boding to be busier than I thought, what with Carlos’s book Sal and Gabi Break the Universe coming out March 5th from Disney Hyperion, and my novella Desdemona and the Deep coming out July 23rd from

Fingers crossed things’ll slow down in fall–and who knows, maybe by winter . . . per aspera ad astra.

Or maybe I’ll get it all together before then!


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7 responses to “Ballads from a Distant Star: Concept Album . . . in the works

  1. Indiegogo! I eagerly await the announcement so I can contribute to your Indiegogo campaign! ❤

    • csecooney

      Dear Mary!!! Thank you so much! I’ll keep you posted! Also, are you ever in New York? One of my collaborators is my younger brother, Jeremy–who is an ENORMOUS fan of yours. He even has a Pandora station named after you: Mary Crowell Radio. Anyway, I’d love to get together with you, and also to introduce you to him. If I bring him in to record with us (he’s in Arizona) and you happen to be around, maybe we could all JAM! Or, if you like joining in sessions, we could . . . hire you . . . to play and sing with us? Hee hee. JUST PIE IN THE SKY DREAMS, NEVER MIND ME! What’s next for you, recording-wise?

      • I am so sorry it has taken this long to comment back! I have been to New York City exactly one time (because the airport doesn’t count.) And it was an amazing experience. I would love to go back. Also, I would love to jam with you! I love reading your books and blog, and listening to your music. We are going to try to go to Boskone in 2020, so maybe I’ll get to see you then!

      • csecooney

        Let me know when next you travel this-a-way!

      • I will! (If you end up with like eight identical comments to your pen post today, its because Word Press couldn’t decide which account it wanted me to log in to to reply.)

      • csecooney

        You’re golden! There’s only this one! Ha!

    • csecooney

      I mean… ME TOO. Sigh. Too many projects. So much juggling!

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