Some S. Pevensie song I’m working on

I found this in my notes, and I think it’s worth working on. But I may have to re-read the books.

Verse 1

Lucy, I would give my arm to comb your hair again

Peter, what I’d pay to play our checker game

Edmund, I’d move mountains just to hear you strum guitar

And I’d never let you near another train


I’ll be just like Nellie Bly

Or Ehrhart in the sky

Lion-hearted, valiant, and bold

And I won’t forget our wars

Neither one, forever more

But I think I’ll always fear the cold

V2 something

V3 something even better

Bridge (sometime later)

And Lucy, my Lucy, my Lucy

my Lucy my Lucy!

Every door that I open

Every song I sing true

Every portrait I hang

Is a gateway to you

My sister, my phantom, my empress,

My dream

my emptiness, temperance, trickster, my queen

I long for you!


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