What to write, what to write . . .

It’s a beautiful night, after a beautiful day, give or take a few cockroaches at the periphery, now dead. I read Jess’s new story: full immersion, deep, for revision suggestions. I wish I weren’t so slow at it, but there you have it. Still, a delight.

Mostly, I listened to Changeless: Book 2 of the Parasol Protectorate, and it does make me snort out loud. It’s snarky and very colonial-y and only a few characters are really clever and are constantly rolling their eyes at everyone else, but there are airships and ether and bustles and gizmos, and I half-listen as I go about my chores, or go on walks. The narrator, Emily Gray, is fantastic.

I have had the most delightful week and a half at home. This weekend is World Fantasy, and when I get back, I’m off and away recording again, the third of an Amish Romance Historical series, so this catch-up time in my Actual Apartment with my Actual Husband has been invaluable.

And since I turned in my novella revisions to Ellen Datlow for Desdemona and the Deep, and my novel revisions for Miscellaneous Stones: Necromancer to my agent Markus Hoffman, bless his patient, encouraging, jazz trumpet-playing self, I’ve found myself . . . twiddling my thumbs.

See, I have a short story due for an anthology soon–though I did get an extension for it–and while I have a great many words written (both in a notebook for one story idea, and in a document for a whole other story idea), I am notably lacking in enthusiasm for either. I’m hoping some breath of delight will carry me away to something that actually sustains my interest. Really, all I want is to write long form right now. Maybe because I’ve been doing it for so long.

Ah, well. I should just GIRD MY LOINS and BEARD MY LIONS, as it were. Write something.

That’s all for now. You can tell I’ve been home awhile, and not writing fiction. How can you tell this? BECAUSE I AM WRITING A BLOG ENTRY, IS WHY! This is what my twenties felt like. It feels good, now, too. Indulgent. Oh, terribly indulgent. I no longer have a LiveJournal community for whom posts like this were standard. I don’t even cross-post to LJ anymore. Just to Facebook, and occasionally Twitter. To whom am I talking?

Oh, yes. Sita. Hi, Sita!

And to all of you out there. Hello, you darlings. And goodnight.

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