All I Want For My Birthday Is . . . (A Helpful List)

First of all, all I want for my birthday is . . .

. . . a concert featuring all my favorite monsters, myths, queens, and witches.

. . . performed by poets and actors and writers who happen to be my dear friends.

. . . wherein I get to sing songs I wrote, because WHERE ELSE DO I GET TO SING ‘EM??? (Just call me “Florence Foster Jenkins!”) 

. . . and give any proceeds from this concert to our local food pantry / thrift store / social services and education center, THE JONNYCAKE CENTER OF WESTERLY!

Not a lot to ask, I know!

And I wouldn’t have asked it of anyone. I wanted to give this to ME for a present.

To do that, I embarked on my ¡MEDUSA MIA! project.

Now, I know–not all of you (my, like, five dear friends who actually read this) can make this event.

Aaaaaand I admit, sheepishly, the out of pocket cost for this concert is daily growing steeper than I’d originally anticipated (especially because, since embarking on my plans, I impulsively finished paying off one of my college loans, thus decimating my savings account somewhat).


If you (friends and family), MAYBE had been planning on getting me a LEETLE PRESENT, I ask you to consider instead . . .


I’ll be sure it goes to the CARE AND FEEDING OF ARTISTS, the RENTING of SOUND and LIGHTING equipment and the LABOR with which to operate it.

And I promise, anything leftover WILL BE DONATED TO THE JONNYCAKE!

If you LOVE GIVING PRESENTS but you don’t HAVE THE MONEY (a position I’ve been in SO MUCH OF MY LIFE), please spread the word on Social Media!


And thank you. Thank you. I love this singing, this making art.

I love this turning of songs into food for the hungry.


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