wishful thinking, for kelly robson

It may be a song (sort of talk-singy, maybe, with a weird beat behind it), or it may be a poem, or it may just be this day’s doggerel.

But it was inspired by Kelly Robson on Facebook today, so here you go.


by C. S. E. Cooney
for Kelly Robson

Those Pre-Raphaelite bros, they’d pose you so fine
Drown you in chloral and whisky and wine
But me when I model, I preen for Artemisia
My Rossetti’s a poem penned by Christina

Cuppa tea, grab a seat, turn on the TV
There’s President Wells (we call her “Ida B”)
Tonight watch that speech by H. Tubman, VP
Takes the stand in a hoodie, then takes a knee

Summer Olympics, they’re fencing with sabres
Veronica Franco versus Hypatia
But who gets the gold: poet? philosopher?
One feeds the other, a draw either/or

Hafta scoot to jiu-jitsu with Edith’s suffragettes
Then a dance at the Follies headlining Colette
Alight at a nightclub to watch Lady Day
In duet with Odetta–they’ll take us away

Now newspapers fill with our women in the stars
Nellie Bly on the fly reports back from Mars:
“Sor Juana Inès Debuts New Play Tonight!
We’ll be broadcasting live, at the speed of light…”

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