Rosarium FTW! On Waking Up, and Making a Vlog…

Today’s my last day of narrating Kameron Hurley’s THE GEEK FEMINIST REVOLUTION for HighBridge Audio.

As I’ve been working on this project this week–which is all about, you guessed it, feminism, geekdom, genre, erasure, power, resistance–Rosarium Publishing has been running their Indiegogo Campaign.

I’ve got this odd feeling of unity, because Rosarium is, like, one big act of resistance all by itself. Do you think #WeNeedDiverseBooks? ROSARIUM HAS THEM!

Anyway, I’m a huge fan. I put my money where my mouth is, and now I’m putting my mouth where my money is, I guess!

To that end, I made this wee little VLOG. First thing in the morning. With a hat on.


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