Brimstone Rhine Update: CDS AND PRINTS!

So sorry it’s been so long since I posted! Things are IN MOTION!

1. All the songs have been mastered!
2. All the prints have been printed!
3. Tonight and tomorrow, all the files–audio and visual–are being UPLOADED to!!!

They ship within 10 business days! I, meanwhile, will take a straight razor and a straight edge to the Brimstone Rhine prints (there are four to a page) and do a little every day until they are all done and ready for you!

When the CDs arrive, and the prints are all in their little plastic slips, I shall put them all together in packages and send them off to you! AND THEN, I BELIEVE, WE ARE DONE! About a year from when we started too.

What a journey it’s been. Thank you. More soon!


(P. S. That’s Carlos Hernandez, with one of the BRIMSTONE RHINE PRINTS. Just so you know I’m not a bald-faced LIAR!)

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