Boskone 2016

Bone_Swans_mockup_ALT-1So! The weekend of 2-20-16 will be my first Boskone, everyone. And I’m pretty loaded with panels. AND I get a reading. (BONE SWANS FTW!)

Panels make me nervous. Do panels make YOU nervous? I could perform ALL DAY EVERY DAY for whoever, no sweat, but put me on a panel with other clever people, and I get BUTTERFLIES of STEEL! Spiky, spiky butterflies.

The cure, of course, is prepwork. (Bah-ha-ha.) No, really. I’m getting better.

But those of you who’ve BEEN to Boskone–tell me about it? What do you like especially? Will you be there this year?

Panels and reading times TBA Mid-January!

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