Brimstone Rhine Update: SOON AND VERY SOON

Today I recorded about half of the short story and poem narrations I promised to a Certain Level of Backers. I hope to finish them up this week.

My brother is working on the final one and a half songs. These would be “Chevalier” and “Black Widow’s Waltz.” The latter just needed a bit of tweaking. The former I have to re-record vocals for, because we were just recording too fast and I didn’t hit all the notes, er, properly. Eesh! But that is getting done FORTHWITH. He’s been dreamy to work with, my brother, even from across the country. What a pleasure. And a nice eerie album we’re making for you!

I cannot WAIT to release this EP to you. Backers first–then onto to Bandcamp it goes.

Meanwhile, Patty Templeton, author of There Is No Lovely End, is working on the cover art for the Backers-Inspired rewards album, now titled “Corbeau Blanc, Corbeau Noir.” It will be monochrome and linocut and full of CROWS! Just the initial sketches are gorgeous. And creepy. Creepy-gorgeous, just like Patty Templeton and her books.

Carlos Hernandez, author of The Assimilated Cuban’s Guide to Quantum Santeria (launching January 2016!!!), is setting all those new songs (thirteen in total, once I finish up that VERY LAST FOXGIRL song!!!) to ukulele in order to accompany me. It’ll be a far simpler album than these last two EPs, released first to backers, then to Bandcamp sometime in the New Year.

As soon as The Headless Bride makes it to Bandcamp, I shall start the Next Phase of the project: that is, physical CDs, with the cover art by Grant Jeffrey and both Alecto! Alecto! and The Headless Bride included.

When these pressed objects are at last in my hands, I shall send them (and the print of the album cover to those who backed at that level) out into the world.

I have all the spreadsheets at the ready. I am so looking forward to getting these out to you. It has all taken longer than I’d hoped, but it is ALL HAPPENING, which is more than I ever dreamed.

I also have a Strange and Wonderful Plan for something to happen next year. But more of that next year. This year has been VERY FULL ALREADY!


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2 responses to “Brimstone Rhine Update: SOON AND VERY SOON

  1. Kelly Daigle

    Your talent is best shared. Thank you, for the passion you inspire in so many people.

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