Brimstone Rhine Update: THE HEADLESS BRIDE

headlessbride artGosh. It seems like THE LIFE AGE OF THE EARTH since I had anything of interest to report! What a busy summer.


A.) My awesome brother/collaborator Jeremy has sent me ALL the rough vocals of The Headless Bride EP so that I can practice for…


C.) We’re flying Jeremy out to Queens, New York from Phoenix, Arizona and are set up to record here, in the house of Carlos Hernandez, PhD, Professor and Superhero who helps MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!!!

meriBoxArt(Here is what Carlos is helping make happen this week! Meriwether, the AMERICAN EPIC RPG/computer game! It’s been 8 years in the making, so this is pretty exciting!)


Let’s see. I have written ALL SONGS BUT ONE for those backers who selected YES!MORE!MUSIC! on that “Pink Unicorn Spaghetti Monster” level.

In fact, once it’s finished, I shall have enough songs for a WHOLE NEW (okay, but a very simple one) ALBUM, which I have decided to call Corbeau Blanc/Corbeau Noir. This is partly Byron’s fault, because it’s fun to blame dead poets for album titles.

The next BIG BACKERS PROJECT is to write to all those who donated at the “Rainbows, You’re Rainbows!” level, and collect whatever stories they want me to narrate.

portrait-236x312Since starting this project, I even became a PROFESSIONAL AUDIOBOOK NARRATOR at Tantor Media, so that’s doubly exciting. I’d narrated stories and poetry for podcasts before, but since April I’ve narrated almost 20 novels!

Narrating short stories for kind friends? NOTHING WOULD MAKE ME HAPPIER!

As usual, send me any questions and I’ll try to keep you informed!

Oh, and since I haven’t been here for a while… ALECTO! ALECTO! is now available for streaming and purchasing on BANDCAMP!

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