Brimstone Rhine’s ALECTO! ALECTO! Now Available On Bandcamp… ALSO! BONE SWANS!




This means you can STREAM THE EP! And share with friends! AND AND EVEN BUY IT EVEN!!!

I got to do a little concert last weekend at Readercon in Burlington, MA, and also sang “Lysistrata” for a variety show benefiting the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center and Project Hammond. It was pretty cool.

My brother Jeremy (my collaborator for The Headless Bride) emails me melodies for the new tunes every few days. I’m hoping to record in early September!

Also, last weekend, my book BONE SWANS came out in paperback! Many of you received this as an ARC as a reward for donating. A.) THANK YOU FOR DONATING! B.) I hope you like my book. (PUBLISHER’S WEEKLY GAVE IT A STARRED REVIEW HURRAY!) C.) If you DID like my book, might you consider hopping on over to Amazon and/or Barnes and Noble and giving it a wee review? That would be TOTALLY helpful and DEEPLY appreciated.


Thanks so kindly!!!

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