Brimstone Rhine / Clockwork Phoenix 5 Update!

Re: Brimstone Rhine Update!


On Monday, we begin recording the first EP “ALECTO! ALECTO!” I am superdupercalliFRABJOUSCALLOOCALLAY level of excited. Jack Hanlon is even borrowing an EXTRA FANCY bass on which to do his fancy bowing.

(“Circe”??? CIRCE NEVER SOUNDED SO HAUNTED!!! THE BASS! The creepy piano. And we’re thinking cold wintry chimes! Oh! And “MEDEA’S DRAGON!” I want to waltz with MYSELF! And THAT’S saying something. Well, because I don’t think anyone else would want to waltz with me. The way I waltz. If you know what I mean. If you could call it “a way” or even “waltzing.”)

The preliminary sketches of the album cover should be due kind of soon… Mmn. AH YES I SHOULD GET IN CONTACT WITH MY ARTIST THANKS FOR THE REMINDER, UPDATE!

I also wanted to stick my head in to say that editor Mike Allen of Mythic Delirium is working on getting the finalized ebook versions of BONE SWANS ready, and doing ALL OF THIS while running a KICKSTARTER of his own, of which Bone Swans is one of the prizes!

Mike Allen does this AWESOME anthology series of “BEAUTY AND STRANGENESS” called “Clockwork Phoenix.” I had a ghost story in the third one, and now he’s crowdfunding for the fifth. I’d buy it for the cover alone, but the cover is just one facet of truly bizarre wonder that will be this book.



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