Brimstone Rhine: Day 4 “Squidmonster In My Brain!”

Dear everyone,

There is a happy squirmy squidmonster in my brain and I don’t quite know what to do with it. In 3.5 days we’ve raised $3325 of the $5000 goal.

People are starting to hint that I might want stretch goals. And I’m like, “I can’t think about that right now, gotta focus, focus, focus on the TASK AT HAND!”

This task being the initial goal, $5000. Which, 3.5 days ago seemed AS FAR AWAY AS NEPTUNE!!!

Right now we’ve funded my collaborator and sound engineer, we’ve funded the album art and artist, and we’ve funded ALL THE LOVELY SESSION MUSICIANS I’ll be hiring for the studio. I LOVE PAYING MUSICIANS YIPPEEEE!!!

Right now we’re in the first third of funding the physical CDs, distribution, promotion, and a couple of concerts. CONCERTS YIPPEEEE!!!

(We have a concert coming up. March 20th. Arts Café Mystic. EEP!!! Glenn Kendzia on keyboard and guitar, Jack Hanlon on BULL FIDDLE, baby.)

And my squidmonsterbabybrain is sort of sparking and fireworking and sending off little SOS flares. Like this:

Photo on 2015-02-26 at 11.42 #2
But the truth is… Squidmonster has IDEAS. For stretch goals.

More on that later.

Right now I just wanted to tell you that if we hit $3500, I totally have ANOTHER SURPRISE for you.

This time with NAUGHTY PUPPETS!!!

Just sayin’.

So. Whatchoo waitin’ for anyway?



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