Blogging Brimstone Rhine: Day 1 LAUNCH!!!

640px-Medusa_by_CarvaggioDear Everybody,

So I’ve been working on a Project this past year called BRIMSTONE RHINE.

It all started with this cool dream I had about a rockstar of the same name. She was a highly eccentric individual, who, when performing, wore only a black net veil and a pair of bright pink Superman underwear.

Her stagehands called her “The Headless Bride” for the way her blonde bun stuck up out of her black veil like a neck stump. So she wrote an EP called The Headless Bride to spite them.

I woke up from the dream, wrote most of The Headless Bride EP that day while I was at work, then wrote another EP called Alecto! Alecto! a few months later.

Then I talked to a REAL musician about album-making. And then I made a plan.

This Indiegogo campaign is my plan. Please check it out!

Please watch the video! Please share! I’d be SO SUPER GRATEFUL!!! I love this music. I think it’s cool. I think it’s worth sharing.


(My goofy awesome brother Joel made that pic for me. Isn’t it great?)


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3 responses to “Blogging Brimstone Rhine: Day 1 LAUNCH!!!

  1. That sounds awesome! I love the idea and the names quite a lot. I would also love a collection of short stories with this character. I would read them with great interest. 🙂

  2. I’ll start watering that seed then. Reading stories of Brimstone Rhine sounds very appealing indeed. 😉

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