The Breaker Queen



Book One of Dark Breakers


Elliot Howell is a rising star in the Seafall painting community. He has a promising career as a portrait artist, good friends, and a fabulously wealthy patroness. In other words, he has everything to lose.

Queen Nyx rules the Gentry court in Valwode, the magic country between the mortal world and Bana the Bone Kingdom where goblins dwell. She is powerful, and beautiful, and wise beyond all imagining, but she has no heir to wear the Antler Crown when she is gone.

Elliot and Nyx meet at Breaker House, a building anchored in all three worlds: mortal, Gentry, and goblin. For Elliot, it is love at first sight. For Nyx, loving a mortal man may mean giving up her crown, her country, and her eternal life.

But some things are worth any price.


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  2. Marvelous, my darling! Your hard work has paid off!

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    Yay! Website! ^_^

  4. Such a beautiful site! You done did good, Ki-ki-ri-ki!!!

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