C.S.E. Cooney occasionally makes an appearance on the website she shares with her husband, writer Carlos Hernandez, at

She also sometimes writes for Black Gate: Adventure in Fantasy Literature. 


Arisia 2013
Readercon 24: “A Most Readerconnish Miscellany”
Haunt the House: The Music and Art of Will Houlihan
Something Wicked This Way Comes: Michael D. Langois and Flock Theatre’s Halloween ’13 Macbeth
Fierce and Fey: An Interview with Artist Lauren K. Cannon
Crowdfunding Kaleidoscope: An Interview with Julia Rios
Sharon Shinn’s Royal Airs: A Review

Saladin Ahmed’s Throne of the Crescent Moon
Patty on Podcastle!
Real Magicians: Interviewing the Editors of Podcastle
Cinderella Jump Rope Rhymes
Snarky Female Protagonists and Why I Read Them
Goblin Secrets, A Review
World Fantasy 2012: Neither Hurricane, SuperStorm, Sleet, nor Hail Can Daunt Our Heroine If She Wears Enough Chain Mail…

“Jirel, Ma Joie!” (In Which I Encounter My First C.L. Moore)
Goblin Fruit: Winter 2011
Deathless, The Comic
Locus Magazine Recommends The Wolf Age
Like a Bridge Over (Sharon Shinn’s) Troubled Waters: A Review
Fantasy and Lightspeed
“A Paladin, a Fighter, or a Thief!” S.J. Tucker Gives Away a Freebie
Nebula: It Rhymes with Amalebula (sort of)
Hadestown: An Interview with Artist Peter Nevins
Desert of Souls: A Review
Dragons + Napoleon = MIGHTY FINE READING!
Writers’ Nights, Open Mics, Literary Soirees: The Importance of Community
Today is Deathless Day!
King of Cats, Queen of Wolves
Delia Sherman’s The Wizard’s Apprentice at Podcastle
James Enge to do Morlock Trilogy: Tournament of Shadows
Nat’l Poetry Month… In GOBLINLAND!!!
Welcome to Bordertown: What Would Eilonwy Do?
A Round Robin of Witches: Black Gate Interviews the Creators of The Witches of Lublin
Blogging My Way to Bordertown: Part II
Gene Wolfe’s 80th Birthday Blog
Welcome to Bordertown: Part the Third of a Brobdingnagian Review
My Tim Prattathon at Podcastle and Other Cool Things
S.J. Tucker’s “D&D” Music Video
WISCON FRIDAY: In Which the Pre-Raphaelite Sisterhood Crashes A Zeppelin Into the State Capital
WISCON SUNDAY: In Which Goblins, Floomps, Flying Spaghetti Monsters and Ice Cream Robot Kings Abound
Kelly Link’s Some Zombie Contingency Plans
Tattoos and Fantasy! Proposal!
Readercon 22: In Which the Pre-Raphaelite Sisterhood (well, some of them) Encounters Cannibal Towns, Dirty Limericks and Googly Eyeballs
Readercon 22: Meeting Mark Twain, Winning a Rhysling, and Sundry
If All Their Sand Were Pearl: An Interview with Jewelry Artist Ashley Full Stop Brown
Jabberwocky 7 & Goblin Fruit Summer 2011
PGS: The Digest of Philippine Genre Stories
Paul Park’s Ragnarok at
Them Old Submission Blues: On Blogging, Writing Communities and Keeping Spirits Up
Alyx Among the Dandelions: Exploring Joanna Russ and Ray Bradbury
Goblin Fruit: Autumn 2011
World Fantasy Convention In A Really Large Nutshell, Part I
World Fantasy Convention in a Really Large Nutshell, Part 2
Worth 1000 Words: An Interview with “Comic Critiquer” John Bonner

Last Night I Finished This Crooked Way
Mischief and Starlight: The Fantastical Music of S.J. Tucker 
It Droppeth as a Heavy Metal Unto The Place Beneath: Exploring Fantasy in Metal 
Exploring Fantasy in Metal, Part II: Six Albums In the Dark of Night 
Exploring Fantasy in Metal, Part III: Dangerous Side Effects 
Mortals, Meet Goblins: A Review of Goblin Fruit Magazine (Part I) 
Mortals, meet Demon Lovers: A review of Goblin Fruit Magazine, Part II 
Mortals, Meet the Dark and Twisty: A Review of Goblin Fruit, Part III 
Epic Black Gate Trailer of AWESOMENESS! 
Gabbing with a Girl of Spirit: Black Gate Interviews Ysabeau Wilce 
You Know What’s Cool? Strange Horizons Is Cool 
“And It Goes On From There…” An Interview with Gene Wolfe
Wizard Trails: On the Making of the Black Gate Trailer 
And now a word (or several) about Ideomancer
A Review of The Wolf Age by James Enge

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